Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Chargers Added 24 hours to Sunday, March 31st, 2013 + News Bits

Plugshare now lists (My Addition) a total of 16,278 Stations
They use dynamic tracking to add new - and remove redundant, or test stations, but for those that are dropped, or removed, it is done manually, so simply adding in the new additions - does not equal the total numbers, and sometimes - new additions are listed - but need to have their duplicate entries purged. They List 16,336 Stations. I have not listed all duplicate stations and they may not have purged them yet. I may have counted 1 as a count for one listing - but it might represent multiple chargers.

Over the last 24 hours - there have been 10 New Public Chargers added to the PlugShare network, and 3 Restricted Chargers, plus 58 New Photos, and 8 New home stations being shared. BC Lead the way on the most new listings with 3! 

There was a Tesla High Powered Wall Charger Listed new today!

The additions tracked are: 

  • New Public Chargers Added = 10
  • New Restricted Stations added = 3
  • New Photos Added = 58
  • New Home Stations Shared = 8

128  People Checked into Public EV Chargers today. Few Chargers added, Fewer public uses - a bit quieter day - but still not so bad!

The last item counted today - was 'New Check in at Irvine Co, CA' (Red)

Special thanks to Josh, EV Plug ( Grafton, WV), Tunde Munz, Wall Plug (San Francisco, CA), Tanguy, Wall Plug (Lacolle, QC), Chris, EV Plug (Houston, TX), Margie, Wall Plug (San Anselmo, CA), Elena, Wall Plug (Beaumont, CA), Prakash Manadhar, Plug? (Lawrence, MA), Moses, Wall Plug (East Point, GA),  for sharing their Home stations access with us today!

New Public Stations today, by Name & Location:
  1. 110v at Valet Station, Peachtree Corners, GA
  2. Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, Brea, CA
  3. Gay Brewer Jr Golf Course (Picadome), Lexington, KY
  4. Intercontinental Chicago, IL
  5. L'enfante Plaza Garage, Washington, DC
  6. Maple Ridge Municipal Mall, Maple Ridge, BC
  7. HUMC: Women's & Children's Hospital Underground Parking Lot, Hackensack, NJ
  8. Kyle Center Parking Lot, Port Moody, BC
  9. Port Moody Recreation Complex, Port Moody, BC
  10. Green Mitsubishi, Springfield, IL
New Restricted Stations today, by Name & Location (where possible):
  1. 14-50 inside my garage, Tucker, GA
  2. Nordstrom Valet Parking Lot (Ground Level), Paramus, NJ (Tesla HPWC)
  3. Lee's Toyota, Jamaica, NY
News Bits:

"Working with Umicore has allowed us to completely recycle the Roadster battery packs profitably, without special financial incentives necessary to promote recycling (as opposed to the lithium manganese or lithium iron phosphate chemistries used in the electric vehicles just hitting the road now)."

General Motors (GM) and ABB have successfully converted used Chevy Volt batteries into a modular microgrid energy storage system that can support distributed generation and provide...(More)

Building the Leaf in Tennessee helped Nissan sell more of the all-electric car in the US in March than in any other month. The start of production in the UK, in Nissan's Sunderland plant, has been in the planning stages for a while and today's official start of production means the world's best-selling all-electric vehicle is now being made on three continents (since 2010, the Leaf has been made in Japan). The Sunderland plant was opened in...(MORE)

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