Friday, October 27, 2017

Updates: Small Fry Versus Big Potatoes!

Having been unable to update the PlugShare Blog for some time, I reached out directly to PlugShare's Team, to see if I could get directly from them, a Summary of the data for the time since my last posting! It turns out - I am not Big Potatoes, but rather just a small fry! They would be happy to generate Custom Data, for larger organizations, for a Fee, of Course!

So in the mean time - they provided a few links for PlugShare Data Products, and from their first one, I find a few interesting examples of data they have provided, but not sure to who, if I wanted to follow up!

Click Each Picture below to view Full Size
(Or Click the first, and click it again to advance the Pictures!)

This is a nice Listing in line-Graph Progression form: DCFC Growth by Outlet Type.

Another sample image shows Free Vs. Paid (Again - to Q2, 2017).

Then, a nice PIE Chart, with a listing of Charging Locations by POI Type (Point of Interest?).

Ultimately, this gives at least some sense of the growth areas of the Infrastructure of EVSE's or EV Charging Stations, as tallied by PlugShare!

They also provided a Link to the "Alternative Fuels Data Center - Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations", but this link just covers USA Listings and Data!

I hope this is useful information for my viewers!

Thanks for Visiting today!

Friday, November 21, 2014

New Charging Station recent listings in Greater Toronto at - these locations

For those interested in Plug-in Electric Cars, Plug-in Hybrids, and Battery Electric Cars (& Trucks) here are some of the recent additions to the opportunity to charge up such vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area and nearby!

Centennial College – Ashtonbee Campus, where the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada Meets, now has two Sun Country Highway EV Charging Stations, and I added a listing for them on PlugShare here - posted Nov. 21st, 2014!

On November 19th, 2014, Clarification happened at BMW Canada as I advised them of the tools on PlugShare’s website to manage their listing, and I also added a piece of Information as a comment from our Emails, and it is indeed intended to be a Public Accessed Site – at 50 Ultimate Drive, Richmond Hill ( Hwy 404 & Major Mackenzie) -

PowerStream Headquarters changed on November 12th, 2014, from Restricted to Public, with Level 2 Charging X2, PLUS an addition of another DC Fast Charger – this one with service for BOTH CHAdeMO type Cars (Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi iMiEV, and the new KIA Soul EV); and SAE CCS type cars (BMW i3, and – Potentially – Spark EV)!

Ford Buffalo added an Employee Only Listing as Restricted, on November 11th, 2014, as well!

Kia Canada is listing an EV Plug (J1772 Only for now) at 180 Foster Crescent, Mississauga, from November 10th, 2014:

Bridgepoint added an EV Plug Listing on November 9th, at 14 St. Mathews Road, Toronto - (Gerrard & Broadview)

Mercedes Benz Barrie was added on November 8th, 2014 at Doral Dr., Innisfil -

Hôtel Le GERMAIN was added on November 7th, 2014 at 30 Mercer St., Toronto -

Clarkson GO Train Station was added on November 4th at 1110 Southdown Road, Mississauga -

There have been other sites added as well, and individuals sharing personal Charging Spots, too! 

Get the App for your smart phone to have access to the PlugShare activity stream (not seen on the web page) by going here - and in the yellow box on the top right – select your app type!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

7 Day Sale on EV Fest 2014 Tickets!

I have opened up a special Discount for those who act quickly - and buy their EV Fest 2014  Tickets online before June 7th, 2014 at Midnight!

In celebrating the Exhibitors who have committed to exhibit at EV Fest 2014 - I am giving 1% off for Each Exhibitor Registered! Want a Higher Discount? Encourage others to Register in this last week - Here are the choices:

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

From 8 PM October 28th, Until 5 AM November 6th, 2013 Update - PlugShare Total Current Stations Listing = 22,942

At about 8 PM on October 28th, 2013 - in the activity Stream - going forward from: 'Daniel checked in at Lafayette  CO Chamber of Commerce', until this morning at ~ 5 AM - here is an update of the Activity on Plugshare.

PlugShare Total Current Stations Listing = 22,942 (At the time I ended this Tallying!)

New Public Chargers Added over the Period of this Post's Coverage: 121
New Restricted Chargers Added over the Period of this Post's Coverage: 20
New Personal Chargers Shared over the Period of this Post's Coverage:  66

Details break down as follows:

October 28th - until end of day:

Check ins: 20 - consisting of:
18 Positive Experiences
2 Negative Experiences

New Photos: 6

New Public Chargers: 4
Kohl's, Hyannis, MA (L2 x 2)
Morande Ford, New Britain, CT (L2)
National Grid Atlantic Beach, CT (L2 x 2)
Willimantic Waste Paper & Recycling, Willimantic, CT (L2 + 120V Wall Outlet)

New Restricted Chargers: 0

New Personal Charger Shared: 1
- - - - -

October 29th - until ~7AM:

Check ins: 18 - consisting of:
11 Positive Experiences
7 Negative Experiences

New Photos: 3

New Public Chargers: 2
Fiat of Monterey, Seaside,CA (L2 x 2)
Sheehy Ford Lincoln, Gaithersburg, MD (L2)

New Restricted Chargers: 0

New Personal Charger Shared: 7
Amir, Reut, Adi, Guy, Leah, Javier, Hadar,

- - - - -

~ 7 Days Ago:

Check ins: 84 - consisting of:
75 Positive Experiences
9 Negative Experiences

New Photos: 24

New Public Chargers: 9
Universitatate Parking Lot, Bucharest, Romania (L2)
Romania Green Building Council, Bucharest, Romania (220V Wall Outlet)
1969 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT (48 x 120V Wall Plugs)
Kroger, Louisville, KY (120V Wall Plug on Street Lights)
Gelbendorf (Error - Station Does Not Exist!)
McDonald's, La Grange, KY (120V Wall Plug)
Davis Moore Nissan, Wichita, KS (L2)
Cupboard Natural Foods and Cafe, Denton, TX (L2 x 2)
Power House Mall Parking,  West Lebanon, NH (~12 x 120V Wall Outlets)

New Restricted Chargers: 3
Powerco Federal Credit Union, McDonough, GA  (L2 x 3)
MAPAQ - Riviere-du-loup, QC (L2)
MAPAQ Rimouski, QC (L2)

New Personal Chargers Shared: 10
James, Sherry, Doug, Uri, Ziv, Sami, Ido, amir, Robin, Charlie,
- - - - - 

~ 6 Days Ago:

Check ins: 125 - consisting of:
112 Positive Experiences
13 Negative Experiences

New Photos: 34

New Public Chargers: 14
Framingham Ford Lincoln, Framingham, MA (L2)
Derech Lod, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (L2)
Friendship Village, Bedford, PA (Dryer Outlet)
Linskey Way Garage, Cambridge, MA (L2 x 2)
Mt. Shasta Supercharger, Mount Shasta, CA (Tesla L3 x 4)
Aiea Shopping Center 2nd Floor, Aiea, HI (L2)
Santa Cruz City Hall, Santa Cruz, CA (L2)
Kroger, La Grange, KY (120V Wall Outlet)
Office Building, Costa Mesa, CA (L2 x 2)
Lansing Mall, Lansing, MI (L2)
Louisiana State University - Nicholson Parking Lot, Baton Rouge, LA (L2)
GE Industrial Motors. Nuevo León, Mexico (L2)
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, WI (L2 x 2)
Smith's Food and Drug, Park City, UT (L2)

New Restricted Chargers: 14
9235 Ruffin Station, San Diego, CA (L2 x 3)
Office Building, San Diego, CA (L2 x 2)
UCSD Extension, San Diego, CA (L2 x 2)
Intel Corporation, CH3 Station B, Chandler, AZ (L2 x 4)
Hertz, Latham, NY (L2 x 6)
Intel Corporation, Chandler, AZ (L2 x 4)
Arden Realty Inc, San Diego, CA (L2 x 2)
240 Third Associates LLC, Los Altos, CA (L2)
GE WattStation, Redwood City, CA (L2)
GE WattStation, Portola Valley, CA (L2)
Oakbrook Terrace Tower 2, Oakbrook Terrace, IL (L2 x 2)
One Rincon Hill, San Francisco, CA (L2)
GE WattStation, Seneca, SC (L2 x 2)

New Personal Charger Shared: 8
Rami, Ivan, Uri, Yael, mheter, Ayman, Michelle, Randy
- - - - -

~ 5 Days Ago:

Check ins: 105 - consisting of:
97 Positive Experiences
8 Negative Experiences

New Photos: 20

New Public Chargers: 18
US Bank Tower, Los Angeles, CA (L2 x 4)
Charlie Lake Store, Charlie Lake, BC (L2)
City Hall, Fort St. John, BC (L2)
Public Works, Fort St. John, BC (L2)
Fort St. John Skateboard Park, Fort St. John, BC (L2)
District Office, Hudson's Hope, BC (L2)
Peavey Mart, Dawson Creek, BC (L2)
Juanas Pagodas/Sailors Grill, Navarre, FL (L2)
Ashland Garage, Baltimore, MD (L2 x 2)
Buena Park Nissan, Buena Park, CA (L2 x 3) ?Restricted?
Orange County Nissan of Garden Grove, CA (L2) ?Restricted?
Montauk Yacht Club, Montauk, NY (120V Wall Outlet, Dryer Outlet)
Equinox Resort & Hotel, Manchester Village, VT (120V Wall Outlet, Dryer Outlet)
Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, Sonoma, CA (120V Wall Outlet, Dryer Outlet)
Notch View Resort Inn and Campground, Colebrook, NH (Dryer Outlet)
Glen Cove Mansion Hotel & Conference Center, Glen Cove, NY (Dryer Outlet)
ELEMENT Times Square, New York, NY (L2)
Shopping Center, Commerce, MI (Wall Outlet)

New Restricted Chargers: 2
Hillsboro Fire Station, Hillsboro, OR (L2 x 6)
Universite Laval - PEPS, Laval, QC (L2), $

New Personal Chargers,  Shared: 5
Hava, Ankit, Paul, Tom, Mark,
- - - - -

~ 4 Days Ago:

Check ins: 133 - consisting of:
118 Positive Experiences
15 Negative Experiences

New Photos: 21

New Public Chargers: 22
Napa River Inn, Napa, CA (L2, {L3 Soon})
Getty Center (Brentwood), Los Angeles, CA (Wall Outlet)
Cyril Ward Library, Back Side, Guysborough, NS (L2)
Knotty Pines Cottages, Ingonish Ferry, NS (L2)
Parrsboro Town Hall, Parrsboro, NS (L2)
Glengarry Best Western Truro, NS (L2)
Hydro-Québec - Saint-Jérome, QC (L2), $
Valley Nissan, Longmont, CO (L2 x 2)
Al Parashat Drachim, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (L2)
Derech Lod Ramp to Hwy 416, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (L2)
3410 South Service Road, Burlington, ON (120V Wall Outlet x 3)
Fern Lake Campground, West Paducah, KY (Dryer Outlet)
Tysons II, McLean, VA (L2), $
Wilmington Station, Raleigh, NC (L2)
2251 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, NH (L2)
Colorchrome Atlanta, Inc., Doraville, GA (120V Wall Outlet, Dryer Outlet)
80th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA (L2, L3, Dryer Outlet)
Residence Inn Portsmouth, NH (120V Wall Outlet)
Just Us! Coffee, Grand Pre, NS (L2)
Elk City / Clinton KOA, Canute, OK (Dryer Outlet)
La Loma Lodge & RV Park, Santa Rosa, NM (Dryer Outlet)
Courtyard Marriott Waltham, Boston, MA (120V Wall Outlet)

New Restricted Chargers: 0

New Personal Charger Shared: 6
Henry, Francois, hila, jon k, Jill, Jeremy,
- - - - -

~ 3 Days Ago:

Check ins: 232 - consisting of:
198 Positive Experiences
34 Negative Experiences

New Photos: 48

New Public Chargers: 13
Ammon veTamar & Hatsav, Modi'in Maccabim Re'ut, Israel (L2)
Havakuk HaNavi & Nemal Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (L2)
Yitshak Sadeh & Yiga Alon, Montefiore, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (L2)
South Side of Town Hall, on Parking Lot, Middleton, NS (L2)
East Side of Town Hall, Digby, NS (L2)
Zion Gate & HaYarkon, Tel Aviv Port, Israel (L2)
POM Main Lot, Monterey, CA (120V Wall Outlet x 4)
Clarksville RV Park, Clarksville TN (Dryer Outlet)
Derech Menachem Begin & KaRakevet, Tel Aviv, Israel (L2)
Las Americas Premium Outlets, San Diego, CA (120V Wall Outlet, L2, L3)
Foxwoods Resort & Casino, Mashantucker, CT (120V Wall Outlet)
Tarrytown House, Irvington, NY (120V Wall Outlet)
Arco AM/PM (120V Wall Outlet)

New Restricted Chargers: 0

New Personal Chargers Shared: 5
Ziv, David, Ahuva, Mary, xeon
- - - - -

~ 2 Days Ago:

Check ins: 189 - consisting of:
173 Positive Experiences
16 Negative Experiences

New Photos: 45

New Public Chargers: 7
FIAT of Thousand Oaks, CA (L2 x 2)
Brown Palace Hotel Valet, Denver, CO (120V Wall Outlet)
Woodbury Shopping Center, Irvine, CA (L2, L3)
Razzari Ford, Merced, CA (L2)
Wilmot Community Center, Summerside, PE (L2)
Auberge Handfield, Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu, QC (L2)
Fraserway RV, Abbotsford, BC (120V Wall Outlet)

New Restricted Chargers: 1
Solar Barn Charger, Saline, MI (L2)

New Personal Chargers Shared: 8
Yael bp, Kambiz, Carsten, Michael, Rob's HPWC, Stephen Goodman, Dennis, Craig,
- - - - -

~ 1 Day Ago:

 - Check ins: 124 - consisting of:
108 Positive Experiences
16 Negative Experiences

New Photos: 12

New Public Chargers: 14
University Village South Garage, Seattle, WA (L2 x 2)
Maynard public parking lot, Maynard, MA (L2 x 2)
Hoffeldstr. 193, Stuttgart, Germany (2 x Wall Outlets {3.7kW}, 2 x {22kW}EV Plugs)
New Bedford Neighborhoods Center, New Bedford, MA (L2 x 4)
West Sacramento City Hall, Sacramento, CA (L2)
Denver International Airport (DEN), West Garage, Denver, CO (L1 x 5)
Denver International Airport (DEN), East Garage, Denver, CO (L1 x 6)
Nut Tree Plaza, Vacaville, CA (120V Wall Outlet, L2)
CSU San Bernardino - East Parking Structure, San Bernardino, CA (L2)
Pendrell Street - Van. BC (Duplicate - will get removed soon)
Pendrell St., Vancouver, BC (L2)
Artesian Center, Los Angeles, CA (L2)
Cal Poly Pomona - Parking Lot H, Pomona, CA (L2)
Blackberry st, Seabrook, WA (L2)

New Restricted Chargers: 0

New Personal Chargers Shared: 3
Micah, Mike, John,
- - - - -

~ Today:

 - Check ins: 125 - consisting of:
106 Positive Experiences
19 Negative Experiences

New Photos: 23

New Public Chargers: 18
Jim Burke Ford, Bakersfield, CA (L2)
Fiat of Bakersfield, CA (L2)
Simmy Friedman at Modi'in, Israel (L2)
Enerlife Consulting, Toronto, ON (L2)
Holiday Inn Express, Springfield, VT (120V Wall Outlet)
Springfield Medical Systems, Springfield, VT (120V Wall Outlets)
Alton CP LLC, Irvine, CA (L2 x 2)
BTC Acquisitions Partners LLC, Irvine, CA (L2 x 2)
William J Carroll Government Center, Vacaville, CA (L2)
Orrot Moll, Or Akiva, Israel (L2)
Tel Aviv University, Israel (L2)
Mull Zihron, Israel (L2)
Ramat HaNadiv Gardens, Israel (L2)
San Mateo Electrical JATC, San Carlos, CA (L2 x 2)
Alameda County Electrical JATC, San Leandro, CA (L2 x 2)
Tesla Supercharger Vacaville, Vacaville, CA (Tesla L3 x 8 {In Work})
Schneider Electric building 2, Clovis, CA (L2)
Nissan Gatineau, QC (L2)
We Elnora Dr & Newcastle Ct, Mountainview, CA (Tesla HPWC - Roadster)

New Restricted Chargers: 0

New Personal Chargers Shared: 13
Phil & Linda, Sharon, Gordon, Jonathon H, Dotan Gal, Ziv, Turgeon, Henri, Patrick, Rotem, Ken, Barbara, West Hill House B&B,

Some News Clips - 

Napa Valley:
Seeking to attract affluent visitors, the Napa River Inn on Main Street is installing three electric vehicle charging stations in the middle of its downtown parking lot, said Sara Brooks, hotel general manager.

Tesla will offer a CHAdeMO adaptor for the Model S for sale online this winter.
The company had previously discussed offering this option in Japan, but it will be offered initially in North America. Adaptors for European and Asian markets will follow.

Regional Director of Chevrolet for General Motors Western Region, Dale Sullivan, has told Plug In Cars that the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV, available only in California and Oregon, is selling at at rate “way over our expectation,” he said. “Keeping a good quantity in stock is the biggest problem we have.”

One of the downsides of electric car ownership is the pitiful range, but that's not such an issue if you happen to own a Tesla Model S. The electric car manufacturer has officially opened a network of charging points that allow owners to drive all the way from Mexico to Canada -- for free.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28th to 29th, 2013 24 hour Update

From approximately 2 AM on October 28th until 2 AM on October 29th, 2013, the activity stream from the PlugShare app shared the following:

  • 16 new public Chargers were listed, 
  • 9 Personal Chargers were shared, 
  • 57 new Photos were added, and 
  • 182 people checked in at a charger on the PlugShare Network:
    - 159 of them had an OK or a Great Experience, and
    - 23 - not so good.

Some interesting other things happened too:

  • 'Suzi' Shared a Home Station (~Saturday), West Hartford, CT (8 Blocks from West Hartford Center) that was a duplicated entry. 
  • A new photo of 'Delete this entry' was added (~Saturday) {Just after a New Check in at Centralia Wendy's - Location Squamish Public Library, Squamish, B.C. 
  • 'Ryan' shared a home station (~Sunday) [Duplicated] right after Hanny checked in at Kohl's, Santee (A Red or thumbs down, experience)

Issues that continue to cause challenges are:

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Spots continue to be 'ICE'd', 
  • Chargers are available on limited hours, or behind gates that are closed, 
  • Dealers being brand sensitive (Sorry - you can't charge THAT car here!), and even some that unplug a car that is charging on their lot (during the day)!