Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Chargers Added - Mar. 16th - Mar. 17th, 2013

Plugshare is now tracking 15,995 Total Stations!
Based on my counting!

Over the last 24 hours - there have been 8 New Public Chargers added to the PlugShare network, and 1 Restricted Charger, plus 48 New Photos, and 8 New home stations being shared. 

The additions tracked are: 

  • New Public Chargers Added = 8
  • New Restricted Stations added = 1
  • New Photos Added = 48
  • New Home Stations Shared = 8

119  People Checked into Public EV Chargers today, which means that while it was double or triple the last few days, most people are still charging up at home, and 119 needed a little extra or did not have a home charger! Or they were checking out charging stations before they needed them - to get a feel for the locations! Maybe - with warmer weather - and new EV Buyers - comes more public charging, too! 

It was a Sunday, and while it was pretty quiet on growth of listing new public chargers, it was quite active on Electric Vehicle Owners getting out and using the public EV Charging Infrastructure! As also witnessed by the larger number of photos added today! Also - a larger number of personal Charger points were shared today. 

Have you shared a charge Point of your own yet on PlugShare? Personal Station - just select 'Share My Station' from the main menu. Public Stations - Select 'Add Public Station'. Remember - to complete the correct Address, Street Number, Name, and City/State. Also - add a phone number, too!

The last person counted today - was 'New Checkin at Best Western Plus, Milton, ON CS90'

Special thanks to Tom, Laura (Orlando, FL), Flydad (Washington, DC), Steve (Orangeville, ON), Shaun (Gonzales, LA), Anthony (Highland Park, NJ), Salim Kaka (Zanesville, OH), James (Apex, NC), AND Terry Z (Broomfield, CO), for sharing their Home stations access with us today!

New Public Stations today, by Name & Location (where possible):
  1. Goodwill, Adams St., Mankato, MN
  2. Fuji Bakery, Seattle, WA
  3. Santa Barbara City College, CA
  4. MacFairlane Chevrolet Buick GMC, Petrolia, ON
  5. Thibault Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Ltee, Rouyn-Noranda, QC
  6. AutoNation Chevrolet, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  7. SPCA Maple Ridge, BC
  8. Partners Way Deck, Raleigh, NC
New Restricted Stations today, by Name & Location (where possible + Link):
I had some issues with my phone today - and the app seemed to lock up, so I borrowed my Wife's iPhone to gather the data today, using the iPhone Plugshare App, instead of the Android App! While both apps get the data - they present it in a little different format each!

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