Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Chargers Added - Feb. 27th - 28th, 2013 Plus More News!

Again, 59  People Checked into Public EV Chargers today, which means most people are still charging up at home, and just 59 needed a little extra or did not have a home charger!

Over the last 24 hours - there have been new Public Chargers added to the PlugShare network, New Photos, and New home stations being shared. 

The additions tracked are: 

  • New Public Chargers Added =  8
  • New Photos Added = 10
  • New Home Stations Shared = 2

Special thanks to Mike & Chuck  for sharing their Home stations access with us today!

For Some interesting Reading and a chance to test your mat skills - see:
Challenges mentioned in this story - take us into the next skirmish: J1772 Combo Plug vs. CHAdeMo, which leads us to this story - 
ABB unveils fast charging stations supporting SAE DC Fast Charging, Combined Charging System.
Further Dual Format Charger Stories:
and - 

If you are looking to test drive Electric Vehicle Beyond a Dealers spec loop - consider car sharing companies - Like - Zipcar for the new Honda Fit EV:

In Ontario - particularly the Toronto/GTA - consider AutoShare for their existing fleet of 4 Plug-in Vehicles: Battery Electric Vehicles include the Nissan Leaf,and the  Mitsubishi i-MiEV; Range Extended Electric Vehicle - Chevy Volt, and the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid.

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