Something for my expanding PlugShare Blog Audience

The Audience for the PlugShare Blog - in such a short time has grown to include the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany, Japan, China, Israel, Turkey, & Taiwan.

This tells me at least one thing - more than Americans and Canadians are interested in where they can plug-in their current or soon to be - Electric Vehicles!

As such - I thought I would put out this page - with a bit of information from Each Country!

Toyota Launches i-ROAD EV In Geneva.

Electric Vehicles in TaiwanRAC Electric Vehicles Inc.

Turkey determined to run for electric car raceRenault to bring electric cars to Turkey

Chinese Turn To Low Cost Countries For $10,000 EVNew Chinese-Vietnamese JV to build low-cost EVsWorld tour shows electric cars are cool.

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