Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28th to 29th, 2013 24 hour Update

From approximately 2 AM on October 28th until 2 AM on October 29th, 2013, the activity stream from the PlugShare app shared the following:

  • 16 new public Chargers were listed, 
  • 9 Personal Chargers were shared, 
  • 57 new Photos were added, and 
  • 182 people checked in at a charger on the PlugShare Network:
    - 159 of them had an OK or a Great Experience, and
    - 23 - not so good.

Some interesting other things happened too:

  • 'Suzi' Shared a Home Station (~Saturday), West Hartford, CT (8 Blocks from West Hartford Center) that was a duplicated entry. 
  • A new photo of 'Delete this entry' was added (~Saturday) {Just after a New Check in at Centralia Wendy's - Location Squamish Public Library, Squamish, B.C. 
  • 'Ryan' shared a home station (~Sunday) [Duplicated] right after Hanny checked in at Kohl's, Santee (A Red or thumbs down, experience)

Issues that continue to cause challenges are:

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Spots continue to be 'ICE'd', 
  • Chargers are available on limited hours, or behind gates that are closed, 
  • Dealers being brand sensitive (Sorry - you can't charge THAT car here!), and even some that unplug a car that is charging on their lot (during the day)!