Saturday, June 8, 2013

Daily Posting Delay - heavy Electric Vehicle Event activities - Screen Captures should Help!

My apologies for the long delay in updates on this blog since April 21st!

There have been Elements of activity in completing the Electric Avenue 2013 Event, along with Work, and Electric Vehicle Events and scheduling, that have been consuming my extra time.

I have been trying to at least log reference points by editing the Daily minute by minute Activity notes via my Galaxy Note Phone - and taking screen Shots of them to save the file dates and Activity points for the daily reference.

Here is one of my earlier Examples - when I was practicing the screen capture of the 'About' Screen (Added into my March 10th Tally Posting) :

Sunday, March 10th, 2013 Plugshare 'About' Screen Capture

I may have missed a few days - but the goo news is that there are now over 18,000 Charging Stations listed on - growing at the rate of about a 100 new stations each 3-5 days typically!

I hope to return to catching up on the blog shortly.