Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Chargers Added - Mar. 13th - Mar. 14th, 2013 + Links + Important News

Over the last 24 hours - there have been 33 New Public Chargers added to the PlugShare network, plus 22 New Photos, and 7 New home stations being shared. New: now links added for Public Locations - for contact information and more.

Plugshare is now tracking 15,878 Total Stations! (Very Soon to hit 16,000 Stations Tracked!)

The additions tracked are: 

  • New Public Chargers Added = 33
  • New Restricted Stations added = 1
  • New Photos Added = 22
  • New Home Stations Shared = 7

70 People Checked into Public EV Chargers today, which means that while it was double or triple the last few days, most people are still charging up at home, and just 70 needed a little extra or did not have a home charger! Or they were checking out charging stations before they needed them - to get a feel for the locations! Maybe - with warmer weather - and new EV Buyers - comes more public charging, too! 

The last person counted today - was 'Robert W. Checked in at Walgreens, Cornelius, OR' (Comment.)

Special thanks to Chris (Woodacre, CA), Robert (Ashland, OH), Steve (Berkeley, CA), Azeem Sugar Land, TX), Sean (Los Angeles, CA), Don (Santa Margarita, CA), and Marion (Lake Elsinore, CA), for sharing their Home stations access with us today!

New Public Stations today, by Name & Location (where possible + Links Added Today):
  1. Kicking Horse Coffee Cafe, Invermere, BC
  2. Sun Valley Acoustical Corporation, Chico, Ca
  3. 19802 62nd Ave. S., Kent, WA
  4. Gord Anderson Automotive Group, Woodstock, ON
  5. Brant Renewable Energy, Paris, ON
  6. Richmond Hill Mitsubishi, Richmond Hill, ON
  7. Bennett Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC, Cambridge, ON
  8. Schlueter Chevrolet Limited, Waterloo, ON
  9. Scherer Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd., Kitchener, ON
  10. Lanoue Chevrolet Inc., Tillbury, ON
  11. Dave Hitchcock Chevrolet, Essex, ON
  12. Reaume Chevrolet Buick GMC, Windsor, ON
  13. Gus Evenberg Chevrolet Buick GMC, Tecumseh, ON
  14. Aitken Chevrolet Buick GMC, Simcoe, ON
  15. DeGroot-Hill Chevrolet Buick GMC, Tillsonburg, ON
  16. Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, ON
  17. Best Western, St. Catherines, ON
  18. Nanaimo District Secondary School, Nanaimo, BC
  19. Church Road Transfer Station, Parksville, BC
  20. MJB Auto, Coombs, BC
  21. Nanaimo Regional Landfill, Nanaimo, BC
  22. Country Club Centre, Nanaimo, BC
  23. Discovery Harbour Centre, Campbell River, BC
  24. Carl's Jr., Anaheim, CA
  25. Carl's Jr., Orange, CA
  26. Anaheim Police Department, Anaheim, CA
  27. ING, West Chester, PA
  28. MedAssets, Plano, TX
  29. KPRC Main Lot, Mill Bay, BC
  30. Santa Fe Safari RV Campground, Chanute, KS
  31. Western Sizzlin, Ooltewah, TN
  32. Champion Park (Beam/Chargepoint Charger), New York, NY
  33. Mansfield Community Center, Storrs, CT
New Restricted Stations today, by Name & Location (where possible):
  1. SD68 Facilities, Nanaimo, BC
Interesting News Bits:

  Plug-n-Drive has an Event Page - but it does not list Electric Avenue 2013 on the page. - so go to the blog for more info on that - 

  The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) website - - is also a source of Electric Vehicle Chargers - on their website. ( I will track the ones I can, and identify them on the PlugShare network - with a link to the CAA site with each one I copy over! 

  From the list above - you can pretty much see I brought over 14 Locations onto the PlugShare Network in the Ontario Area (Largely West of Toronto), Filling in a number of spots that needed additional units listed. There were also 8 new additions in the BC area, provided by their local sources.

  If you want to drive your Electric Vehicle From Canada down to Florida (Or Any Vehicle - for that matter), if you don't have an International Drivers Permit (IDP), you may have some extra concerns beyond Range Anxiety. 

International Driving Law

  The state of Florida has passed into law a requirement for all non U.S residents, including all Canadians, to carry a valid International Driver’s Permit (IDP) when driving their own vehicle or a rental vehicle in Florida. See Florida Statute 322.04. See Points #1, & #2.

EV News:
In 1996 at the NESEA Tour de Sol, GM's EV-1 attained 125 miles per charge, Ford's EcoStar attained 235 miles per charge, and the Solectria Sunrise achieved 375 miles on one charge. That was with 1996 technology. (A Comment form the above GM Article)

The small Honda Fit EV, with its EPA combined city/highway estimated driving range rating of 82-miles, of late has only been available for lease in California and Oregon. Those who have been clamoring (?) for one of this small electric cars along the Eastern seaboard can now climb into one as well via plans by the automaker to release them in selected markets in Massachusetts, Connecticut,... (More).

The number of cabs per capita in Austin is probably quite reasonable for a city of under a million, but during SXSW, taxis can be difficult to come by, plagued by ridiculous traffic and a surge of carless visitors. So, to make our way from last night's Engadget+gdgt event to our hotel -- a roughly 15-mile drive north of the city center -- we turned to Uber's Android app. Selecting the UberX option, we were told, would net us a free ... (More)

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