Friday, April 5, 2013

51 New Chargers Added 24 hours to Friday, April 5th, 2013, Now 16,500 Station Tracked!

Plugshare lists a total of 16,500 Stations
They use dynamic tracking to add new - and remove redundant, or test stations, but for those that are dropped, or removed, it is done manually, so simply adding in the new additions - does not equal the total numbers, and sometimes - new additions are listed - but need to have their duplicate entries purged. My count is 16,419 Stations. I have not listed all duplicate stations and they may not have purged them yet. I may have counted 1 as a count for one listing - but it might represent multiple chargers, hence some of the differences.

Over the last 24 hours - there have been 42 New Public Chargers, and 2 new Restricted Chargers added to the PlugShare network, plus 69 New Photos, and 7 New home stations being shared. 

The additions tracked are: 

  • New Public Chargers Added = 22 Locations, 42 Chargers
  • New Restricted Stations added = 2
  • New Photos Added = 69
  • New Home Stations Shared = 7

95  People Checked into Public EV Chargers today. 

The last item counted today - was 'New Checkin at Misubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Mississauga, ON

Here are Two Screenshots from my Galaxy Note for reference
(Finally Added in June 9th, 2013): 


Special thanks to Pierre, EV Plug (Montreal, QC), Jean-Francois, EV plug + Wall Plug (Quebec City, QC), Steven, EV Plug + Wall Outlett (Miami Lakes, FL), Alex, Tesla Model S HPWC + NEMA 14 (Redmond, WA), 
Gery, Tesla Roadster HPC (Indio, CA), Russel T., ?NEMA 14? 240V, 15A (Streetsville, ON), and Meredith and Jason Spitalnik, NEMA 14 (Newport, RI), for sharing their Home stations access with us today!

New Public Stations today, by Name & Location:
  1. RELOVA, Gibsons, BC - EV Plug
  2. UFV Abbotsford, Abbotsford, BC - EV Plug x2
  3. Culvers, Marshfield, WI - Wall Plug
  4. Ward Village Parking Structure, Honolulu, HI - EV Plug
  5. University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. - EV Plug x2 (Duplicated Listing)
  6. North Las Vegas City Hall, Las Vegas - EV Plug
  7. McDonalds, Castro Valley, California - EV Plug x3
  8. De Anza College, Cupertino, Ca - EV Plug x10
  9. Radius Apartments, Newport News, VA - EV Plug
  10. The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, PA - EV Plug x2, $
  11. Claremont McKenna College, Clarmeont, CA - EV Plug x4, $
  12. Beam Charging, W 23rd St, New York, NY - EV Plug, $
  13. Beam Charging, Chambers St, New York, NY - EV Plug, $
  14. Alumni Center, Red Hook, NY - EV Plug
  15. Morrie's Nissan, Brooklyn Park, MN - EV Plug x3?
  16. Castaic RV Park, Castaic, CA - NEMA 14, Wall Plug, $
  17. Applewood Chevrolet Cadillac, Mississauga, ON - Wall Plug, EV Plug
  18. ATC New Technologies, Oklahoma City, OK - Wall Plug, EV Plug
  19. Tesla Super charger, Folsom, CA - Tesla Model S (Listed Twice)
  20. Crossroads Nissan of Hickory, NC - EV Plug x2
  21. Hickory Mitsubishi, Hickory, NC - EV Plug x2
  22. 101 California Garage, San Francisco, CA - EV Plug
New Restricted Stations today, by Name & Location (where possible):
  1. Galactic Pizza, Minneapolis, MN - EV Plug x3* Check them out!)
  2. Walgreen Parking lot, Addison, TX - Quick Charger (Duplicate?)
*EV chargers not for public use. Galactic Pizza manages a small fleet of Mitsubishi i MiEV pizza delivery vehicles and level II Eaton chargers at this location.

Say what you will about the high costs and short ranges of electric vehicles , a good many people who've had the privilege of driving or owning one are awestruck in love with them.

We caught up with members of the unofficial EV admiration society at a recent North Texas Plug In Day celebration. The event, one of dozens around the country, showcased commercially available EV's like the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan Leaf, as well as cars still tiptoeing into production, such as the elegant Karma by Fisker, the popular Prius Plug-In Hybrid (available in selected states) and the petite Mitsubishi iMiEV.

In this article, Linked - the following 4 myths are covered 

(Myth 1: EV's are pokey, Myth 2: EV's are too expensive, 

Myth 3: EV's cannot go the distance, Myth 4: EV's are not the way of the future.)

Families, singles, young hipsters — potential and aspiring buyers — stroked leather interiors, snapped pictures and praised the handsome lines and finishes of their pet vehicles. Charging network reps from Blink and eVgo reviewed the differences between standard Level Two and Direct Current Fast Charging. A salesman from Toyota of Plano explained how regenerative breaking can recharge a battery while the car’s in use, and several EV owners shared their experiences, including one fellow who sneaked up in his Tesla Roadster and starting giving people ...(MORE)

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